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About Us

Daimon, a Bangladeshi freight forwarding and Logistics company was founded in 2012. Daimon carries out air and sea forwarding, consolidation services, project forwarding and sea- air, air-sea, CHB and Trucking connected transportations in import and export fields. We have our own office both Dhaka and Chittagong to serve our customers.
Daimon maintains a customer, business and solution oriented relation with the companies receiving service. The main philosophy of Daimon Logistics Services is to be happy with its business partners, establish long term business partnerships and ensure its business partners receive the highest quality service for affordable costs.
Daimon organizes any kind of product, service and information flow to meet the requirements of its customers. Daimon plans, implements and reports the movements in "supply chain process" of your cargo from production point to its delivery to end user.
The main principles of Daimon include;
* Always maximizing the service quality,
* Reviewing and understanding the customer requirements and offering them customer oriented, most affordable, fast and reliable forwarding options,
* Realizing the projects and investments required by long-term business relationships according to the logistics service demands of the customers,
* Providing correct information immediately,
* Continuously increasing the technological progress and using cutting-edge tools and developing it automatic quality control resources through trainings in parallel to the requirements of the era and needs of the customers.

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