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Our Policies

Believing that quality means customer satisfaction, Daimon aims reaching to a superior quality level with low cost with the target to produce service seamlessly. Accordingly, Daimon has adopted an Excellence Approach, which meets the expectations of its customers, personnel, suppliers, society and shareholders with a balance and has continuous improvement, learning and innovation in its essence. The policies adopted for successfully implementing the Excellence Approach are listed below. Within the scope of the excellence culture established with these policies. OHS AND ENVIRONMENT POLICY
Daimon Logistics undertakes to continuously improve its environment and OHS performance in accordance with its aims and targets by regularly reviewing the environmental / OHS risk sources of its logistics services, to prevent environmental pollution by using environment friendly technologies in its activities that do not constitute any problem for OHS, to prevent possible work accidents and occupational diseases by creating a healthier and safer workplace, to make occupational health and safety / environmental awareness a lifestyle and to comply with legal and other responsibilities in force related to environment and OHS activities.
Daimon Logistics establishes effective communication channels to understand the needs of its customers and to respond them quickly. Daimon Logistics undertakes to reply back and conclude all feedbacks submitted, positive or negative, according to the laws, international forwarding rules and company procedures and to continuously improve the customer complaints handling process with its personnel who have awareness on customer orientation.
Establishing sustainable cooperations that create mutual value.
Ensuring the employment of correct people without discriminating religion, language, race, gender and disability; increasing the satisfaction of the personnel; increasing their loyalty to the company and their efficiency; creating an atmosphere allowing them to develop themselves; and ensuring participation to decision-making process.
Meeting the expectations of the society, being a company respectful to the laws, and producing and implementing Corporate Social Responsibility projects that set an example.
Supplying the correct product and service at the correct time, with the correct amount, from the correct place, in a correct way and at a correct price.
TECHNOLOGY POLICY Maximizing efficiency by utilizing the current technology.

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