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Social Responsibility

Green Logistics
Daimon is aware that protecting the nature and environment is one of its most vital and basic duties.
Therefore, it adopts the motto "logistics for a better world" and continues with its works. This motto displays the level of importance provided by Daimon in environmental sensitivity. Daimon acts very carefully about the Green Logistics, which cover the environment related practices of the industry.

Protecting the environment is one of the most important corporate values of Daimon...
Daimon supports any and all kinds of support for raising public awareness on nature and environment and ensures that any environmental risk arising from its activities is detected and eliminated according to local legislation.

Daimon works for a more livable world...
In a world where natural resources are exhausted, living areas are limited and the damage caused by the human beings on the nature increases, Daimon believes that the companies should fulfill their duty for leaving a more livable world to the next generations and works for organizing its processes as environment friendly, raising the awareness of its personnel and supporting the non-governmental organizations endeavoring for protecting the natural life.

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