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Daimon Logistics generate solutions specific to automotive manufacturers...

Automotive companies supply different quantities and types of products from different suppliers and are in the need for feeding their manufacturing lines in a timely manner. This intensive mobility in their needs and logistics processes makes the management of logistics processes important. Accordingly, Daimon generates solutions for the logistics needs of automotive manufacturers and increases the effectiveness of the processes.

In addition to offering the right product at the right place and time, one of the most important key performance indicators of the automotive industry is to manage their after-sales support and spare parts distribution network as synchronized with the needs of their customers.

Daimon manages a big-scale of automotive storage and distribution system by taking into customer needs and instantly changing market dynamics into consideration.

Daimon generates planned distribution solutions with Milk-Run solution model for the automotive companies operating with Just In Time manufacturing models and ensures that supplier-manufacturer and logistics service provider cooperate with an integrated structure and with maximum efficiency opportunities.

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